Game Review: GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort (Xbox 360)

The Rockstar game needs no introduction as it is one of the most famous video games in the world. Located in the Vinewood and accessible to all San Andreas citizens, the Grand Theft Auto V casino features a straggling amusement and opulence living complex introduced in Grand Theft Auto Online. The complex encapsulates numerous activities and facilities, and if you want to enjoy yourself, the Diamond is the right place for you.

There are numerous smooth features like the roof terrace, parking garage, mission-only areas and some really exciting casino games that feature many games. What is this complex composed of? In GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort update, there is a hotel, a garage, music locker with live performances, Vinewood Park drive to mention a few.

Players worldwide received updates through an email ad when logging into a session. With your membership, you get to enjoy this creative and fun resort available on Xbox360.

Let us review the features to look out for?

The Casino and Casino Store

The casino floor features a plethora of diverse activities. It is your will to either try your hand at blackjack, three card poker or roulette, and the slot machines are there, offering a range of special prizes including exclusive clothing. GTA casino games are fun; it has been taken to the next level here as you can also congregate and participate in the Main Event on an inside track. You get to cheer for your favourite horse in virtual horse racing with players.

GTA Online Casino offers free bonuses that are similar to bonuses at popular online casinos, namely free spins for $1 Canada and many other bonuses. There is also a Lucky wheel that provides a daily free spin activity with an array of useful features. Namely, special discount, dollars, apparels and so on if you’re lucky enough you get a rotating weekly selection of high-end automobiles which is showcased on the lobby podium. There is a generous range of accessories, artwork and clothing available for purchase; you’ll find everything to suit whatsoever purpose here.

Standard Membership

In GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort, the standard membership includes a welcome gift and gives you the liberty to explore several locked services and activities; you even get valet Parking. All visitors are entitled to a daily visitor’s bonus redeemable at the cashier. Although you can’t make real money with this bonus by playing in the casino. But you can get acquainted with Casino Classic Canada and try your hand at it, because here your skill can turn into real money.

Stunning architecture

The spectacular view from the infinity pool on the roof terrace is matched with the luxurious nature of the master penthouse, which is a tremendously comfortable and wealthy living space. You have the liberty to customize your floor plan with add-on options that can reach eight; the media room, spa, bar, lounge area, private dealer, garage, party hub, extra bedroom and office.

You could also temper with the colour as you want, as already mentioned, the store is stashed with artworks; thus, you can use those artworks and sculptures to decorate your walls as you wish. You could achieve this from the Penthouse Management interaction Menu, which permits you to place new decorations across the rooms. Penthouses come with VIP membership, and this grants you access to special facilities such as free valet, sparkling wine (champagne), limousine services, aircraft concierge VIP lounges and High limit tables.

New Automobiles and Races

If you think the architecture is cool, wait till you see the automobiles. The showroom floors of Southern san Andreas super autos and legendary motorsport allow you to customize your vehicle to your taste. Conspicuous enough is the Truffade Thrax supercar, which is on the market and is displayed on the podium. The Annis S80RR supercar, Enus paragon R sports, and The Obey 8F Drafter Sports Car are also available in the legendary motorsports. If you feel like going all out on your creative exploration, you can select the weeny issi sport or Vapid Caracara 4X4 from San Andreas Autos and customize them to whatever you want and race on new tracks.

The Cheng Family Dynasty

The Duggans, a ruthless Texan petrochemical family striving to enlarge their business territory at any cost, are trying to take over the resort from the Cheng family. Thus Tao Cheng and the diamond staff are in trouble. You get to work with the head of Operations, Agatha Baker, to help secure them. The infinity pool features an all new storyline with packed missions.

CEOs, VIPs and MC Presidents who seek extracurricular earnings can collaborate with Ms. Baker to recover stolen items, and so on.

Diamond casino heist

A heist is featured and circumvents around the Los Santos casino, and the good part is you do need a pent to participate in this activity. However, it is necessary for you to purchase arcade properties, the arcade properties range in price from 1.5 million to 3.5 million, and you are required to own only one. If you purchase and fully equip the arcade with names, you can enjoy gaming at the next level and start planning to break into the highly secured vault of the complex.

The GTA online casino heist is a smooth activity to look out for even though it’s online, its thrill is uniquely impactful, and the update was surely remarkable for its time.


Although this The Diamond Casino & Resort review discusses the most thrilling and spectacular features, there are other features to look out for. If you haven’t tried this virtual luxury, be sure to give it a try.