13 Days of Halloween: My Favourite Horror Movie Featuring: Virtue in Vain

Virtue In Vain are a 4-piece progressive metalcore/deathcore band based in Cardiff, South Wales. As part of our ’13 Days of Halloween 2022′ content, we asked drummer Daniel Bryant to tell us about his favourite horror movie.

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At the start of the pandemic it was a confusing time for us all with a lot of restrictions, one being where we were not allowed to leave the house unless it was for the essentials however, we made the most of it by catching up on films and tv series.

During this time we decided to re-visit our old Resident Evil film collection where we binged until there was no more! It is our favourite franchise because it’s jam packed of action with Mila Jovovic being the ultimate bad ass fighting off zombies, bad people, the lickers and the well known big bad Nemesis!

The Resident Evil franchise is well known around the world originating from the Capcom game Resident Evil first out on the PlayStation so I would imagine the majority of people will know how bad ass the films are! If you don’t, you’re truly missing out!

The film starts off in a lab in a place called Racoon City where a virus was being tested on animals that would send them in to an aggressive state trying to attack and bite anyone and anything. This virus was deliberately released in the lab turning everyone nearby in to zombies becoming a huge outbreak of what was called the T-virus outbreak.

The T-virus would react differently on certain blood types and could be manipulated or mutate, the result being Mila who gained super reflexes and strength which helped her fight off the zombies and survive. The virus was also tested on other subjects creating mutated monsters such as the nemesis and lickers (as if zombies wasn’t bad enough!)

The company who created this was a corporation called Umbrella which had various bases around the world with leaders seeking the ultimate power over everyone on the planet. The story was written across multiple films all filled with zombie slaying action all directed to take down the Umbrella corporation.

I could talk about the franchise all day but I would suggest you all go and watch them if you haven’t and fall in love with it like we did! You will not regret it!


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