Advertise With Us

If you’re interested in advertising on our website we have a number of options available that you can look at below. Prices are negotiable so if you do want to chat to us about that, just send us an email:

Sidebar Advertisement – Want to advertise your album? EP? movie? game? We have slots on our sidebar where we can place an ad of your choosing for a set period of time. This sidebar never moves and is visible not just on our homepage but on every article on the site.

Prices are as follows:

1 Week – £15
2 Weeks – £25
3 Weeks – £35
4 Weeks – £45

Paid for Promotions – These are posted articles about a variety of subjects and will be clearly tagged as ‘paid for promotions’. They can include ‘do follow’ links provided they do not go to pornographic content and/or gambling sites. Prices range from £60-£120 depending on the article content/complexity and we reserve the right to reject anything we do not feel fits ‘GBHBL’.

Podcast/YouTube – If you want us to plug something in either one of our videos or on our podcast then this might be the option for you.