My Favourite Horror Movie: ZacTheLocust

ZacTheLocust are poised to release their breathtaking debut album, All I Am, which drops on Friday 30th August. The band have also just unveiled their hooky new single and video, ‘Lazy Days’, which can be streamed here. The album is dedicated to lead vocalist, Cory James, who sadly passed away in May of this year.

My Favourite Horror Movie is a guest piece that asks the simple question of a band/artist… what is your favourite horror movie (or horror franchise)? In this article, vocalist/guitarist Keryn Isaac of ZacTheLocust offers up his choice.

Firstly I really hope it can be considered a horror film……….!? (editor’s note – absolutely it freaking is!) But the one that scared me to death (probably because I watched it way too young!) was JAWS! From the opening music at the beginning, how can it not scare someone!? It’s become such a classic too. I can appreciate it more now that I am older too. It’s always fascinated me reading about the making of it and how it literally stopped people swimming in the sea when it first came out!

It’s a favourite for me because It’s got everything really, a great story, great actors, great director, gore, suspense, some comedy and the ending where the 3 guys go out hunting Jaws and it’s like a great duel, a showdown, man vs shark. I can still watch it from start to finish now and still feel the suspense and the tension it creates, even when I know exactly what’s going to happen!

There are 2 scenes in the film that still really get me every time.

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The 1st one is where the 2 old guys are on the wooden jetty and are trying to catch the shark with 1 of their wives “holiday roast”. They get pulled into the water, and then the broken part of the jetty turns round with the shark obviously pulling it and chasing the guy swimming. The classic music is getting louder, I’m still on the edge of my seat every time!!

The 2nd scene is where Quint meets his demise!! The blood, the screaming, I Still look away now! They really did capture the horror in that part and it still feels so disturbing to watch!

A classic film which has obviously and I imagine always will, stand the test of time!




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