Horror Short Review: Off Grid (2019)

From Dark Matter Films, directed by Carl Timms, who co-wrote the story with Mark Brendan, comes Off Grid. A horror short that will leave you feeling cold all over.

We’re introduced to John Tanner (James Cosmo) as he defends his isolated home in the woods from demons. Demons that look like people, hiding their true nature under human skin. It’s the eyes that gives them away though, glowing blue.

The world is crumbling, and realising what was happening, John took is bedridden wife, Grace (Alison Steadman) to the woods, where they could try and survive. A tough task as they are constantly under attack. Not being the youngest man anymore, John could do with some help setting traps and creating defences, so when a mysterious traveller (Marc Baylis) passes by and offers to work for food and a place to stay, John agrees, even though he remains highly suspicious of the man.

Does he have an ulterior motive or is he just a kindly stranger? Just what are the demons, where did they come from, and why is John able to identify them by their eyes?

Off Grid is a cryptic watch for most of its runtime, but bear with it, and be rewarded with a reveal that is both impressive and depressive. While Off Grid has plenty of visceral horror to show, it’s also deeply psychological. Much of which comes from a stunning performance from James Cosmo. He manages to be both sympathetic and terrifying in a role that few could have done better in.

His performance is just one of many great performances and many great aspects of a horror short that stays with you long after it ends. At around twenty-minutes long, it still feels too short and most will be left with a real desire to see this story fleshed out even if the overall short is massively satisfying.

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Off Grid (2019)
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