Horror Movie Review: The Mutation (2021)

I swear, I don’t plan this. I see a title and a cover, maybe read a brief synopsis, and then press play. I don’t go out of my way to find Jagged Edge Productions’ films, they find me. I’m always glad though, as while the quality from this company varies wildly, I often have fun with their films and The Mutation is an entertaining one.

Coming from writer and director Scott Jeffrey, The Mutation is a cheesy creature feature through and through, and is all the better for it. Showcasing a giant rat-monster that gets loose and goes on a rampage.

How? Why? What?

Well, Peter (Nick Danan) is a scientist of sorts and has been doing some science things on rats. One such rat grew big and got quite blood-thirsty, so he keeps it in a cage to study it. Of course, it gets loose, kills Peter, and starts stalking the local area, killing anyone it finds.

Allen (Ricardo Freitas) is on the case though, even if he’s a bit of a wildcard and going through a messy divorce. Aided by his colleague Julie (Abi Casson Thompson) and Peter’s widow, Linda (Amanda-Jade Tyler), he has to find the mutant rat and put a stop to it before it’s to late and transforms into its final form.

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It is silly, it is cheesy, and it is fun. Scott Jeffrey has turned in a pacy script here that keeps things entertaining, even when it’s a bit more talky. The actors, most of who have appeared in other Jagged Edge Productions films, are all putting the effort in, but no-one is taking things too seriously either. Least of all Jeffery himself, who has seemingly looked to the past to craft this film as there’s a strong late 80s and early 90s feel to it.

Something enhanced by the creature itself (a decent looking costume) and the practical blood and guts, of which there is plenty. In fact, the latter part of the film gets quite intense, with the mutant rat going on a rampage in a bar full of patrons and a big, climactic battle with its final form. Although the CGI used for this final form is a iffy to say the least.

Forgivable though because it’s fun and who doesn’t enjoy seeing some actors splattered by blood!

As I said at the start, the quality in films that Jagged Edge Productions offers varies wildly and I’m not always the most complimentary about them. So, when something comes along like this, it’s well worth crowing about. Check this one out, it’s enjoyable.


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The Mutation (2021)
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