13 Days of Halloween: My Favourite Horror Movie Featuring: exPorter

ExPorter are a three-piece pop-punk/alt-rock band. As part of our ’13 Days of Halloween 2022′ content, we asked them to tell us about their favourite horror movies.

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Destin Cavazos: Hey again readers, it’s Destin, Alec and Henry from exPorter and we’re here to tell you about some of our favorite horror movies. Halloween is huge for us for a lot of reasons – Alec and I are both October birthdays, one of our first gigs as this band was a 3 hour Halloween show that we did like a week after Henry joined – It’s a great time of year and I personally start celebrating the season sometimes as early as August.

Now as far as a favorite horror flick, that’s a really tough call but I think I need to go with the first Scream. It’s a great scary movie that balances self aware humor with some genuine scares. The opening scene is one of those Top 5 Horror moments, and I think Billy and Stu make some of the best movie villains. On the surface they’ve got such a relatable 90’s teen movie vibe, but there’s definitely something off about them; Matthew Lillard going totally off the rails at the end deserves an Oscar.

Alec Cavazos: I’m not huge on horror movies so I don’t know if I have a favorite, but I will say I really enjoy Jordan Peele’s movies. They aren’t too scary, more suspenseful which I enjoy more. In Fact Nope was the last movie I saw in theaters. I know both Henry and Destin are big movie guys so they can probably pin down their exact favorite but they just aren’t for me.

Henry Kish: My favorites are definitely the Evil Dead trilogy. They manage to hit so many different styles bouncing around from horror to comedy. I just love the designs, style, and direction that was put into the movies by Sam Rami and Bruce Campbell. They’re just so much fun to watch. What other horror movie ends with a portal opening that sucks the main character into the middle ages where they then make an entire movie of Bruce Campbell fighting a Skeleton army with Knights and castles?!


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