Horror Short Review – Girls Night 2 (2018)

Girls Night 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to 2017’s award winning horror short, Girls Night. Created, written and directed by David Teixeira. Girl’s Night 2 is due for release in Autumn 2018.

Girls Night 2


Girls Night won multiple awards for it’s tense atmospheric story, it’s clever camerawork and the strong acting within. It may be a short but David Teixeira managed to fit in lashings of tension and substance. We are fans and reviewed that first release. You can read our thoughts on that here.

Girl’s Night 2 is a direct sequel in that it continues on the story with the surviving member of Girls Night, Jess (Marina de Sousa). Set one year after the events of the first movie, it is Halloween again. Jess is staying with her friend, Pierre (Vincent Conty). Jess suffers from nightmares. She is constantly on edge and Pierre is trying to keep her mind occupied by having a cosy pyjama party with her. While watching a video of a recent break Pierre was on, they both nod off. Jess has another nightmare and wakes up to a knocking at the door.

Girls Night 2

Assuming it is just kids looking for candy, Jess tentatively approaches the door kicking off a vicious and frightening end sequence that delivers both psychologically and physically.

Much like the first movie, the thing that really sets Girls Night 2 out from the crowd is in the meticulous attention to detail and the patience shown in letting the story unravel naturally. Without any need for jump scares or cheesy gimmicks, the dark but subtle plot is gently built using clever camerawork in normally mundane situations. Pierre and Jess grabbing a coffee and a cigarette becomes an intriguing watch because it is handled delicately and you feel that every little moment may be important to the outcome.

Loads of little camera techniques are used, like extreme close ups or blurred images gently focusing. The camera work is so important to Girls Night and Girls Night 2. It really does set the scene adding an ominous undertone and unsettling feeling to every scene. Tricks aren’t overused though. Like everything in David Teixeira, the magic is in the subtlety. Another absolutely perfect and important device comes in the music used. Composed by Mise Darling, it is perfectly suited to the sombre and frightening mood the film delivers. The acting is fine with Marina de Sousa doing a solid job of portraying the broken and fearful friend.

Girls Night 2 adds some more meat to the story started in Girls Night while managing to stay gritty, subtle and stylish. Clever usage of camera skills and music coupled with a story that builds patiently makes for a short horror that packs a big punch. Check out the trailer below.

You can also watch the original Girls Night on YouTube at David Teixeira’s page by following the link. Keep up to date with information on the film, especially that release date on the Girls Night 2 Facebook page.

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Horror Short Review - Girls Night 2 (2018)
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