EP Review: Desolate Grave – Det Sista Steget (Grind to Death Records)

Desolate Grave is a solo project that was started all way back in 2009 by David “Pos” Mauritzon (Belarus Beaver, Öldöds, ex-RazorRape). Over a decade in the making, the time has finally come to release “Det Sista Steget”, a doom EP that sees David explore new territories in his already vast music career. It will be released on January 14th, 2021 via Grind to Death Records.

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Not as gargantuan as you might think but so very doomy, a short intro of atmosphere leads into Nezariy. A track that has all the weight of 6 feet of dirt being piled on top of your still-breathing body. Although, it immediately becomes clear just what marks Desolate Grave’s doom sound as different. The morose heaviness and methodical tempo offset by sharper and clearer symphonic elements. It’s a surprisingly welcome combination that probably shouldn’t mesh so well together.

Such is the talent on display here, Desolate Grave make it seem simple and the following Trakhym adds more weight to that claim. As well as some extra pounds of chunky and fuzzy sounding instrumentation.

There’s no denying that the instruments are hefty but a lot of the weight comes from vocals that have a deep, rumbling and death-infused quality. Less singing and more spoken, they command attention.

Intermediya is 55 seconds of disconcerting noise that flows into the finale of Lariysa. Where the initial sharpness of the guitar riffing cuts through the haze before a more discombobulating heavy rhythm takes over. A little less structured, a little messier, with some vocal changeups that sound incredible. It’s the one track that you really get a chance to sink your teeth into.

Desolate Grave – Det Sista Steget Full Track Listing:

1. Prelyudiya
2. Nezariy
3. Trakhym
4. Intermediya
5. Lariysa (featuring Sandra Mattsson)


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Desolate Grave - Det Sista Steget (Grind to Death Records)
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