Album Review: Pinto Graham – Dos (Self Released)

Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut, southern rock trio Pinto Graham serves up psychedelic riffage that pulls audiences to their feet. The diverse musical experiences of bassist/vocalist Ant Reckart, guitarist/vocalist Andre Roman, and drummer Brian Harris make for a perfect meeting of groove, grit, and melody. With influences ranging from Lynyrd Skynrd to Pentagram — both of whom they pay homage to with their band name.

2019 promises to bring these “High Flyers” to new heights with the release of their second album, Dos. Recorded at Studio Wormwood in rural Connecticut with engineer Dave Kaminsky, Dos will be released on June 12th 2019 in CD and digital formats.


Rocking and rolling, the good times are due and Pinto Graham aim to be the soundtrack of choice with the bouncy, riffy and groovy album, Dos.

Their attitude and energy is infectious but they’re also not afraid to get their hands dirty with a little bit of heaviness. Both sides of the band are present on the first two tracks, Further and Sleeping Giant.

Then we have the desert rock vibes of Southern Superstitions. A slightly trippy and sultry sounding track and the really psychedelic sounds of Dreamcatcher. Both very strong efforts.

It’s back to the riffs for Old Man of the Mountain and The Weight as Pinto Graham open up their box of tricks. The former a spectacular guitar led track that crawls inside and without you even meaning too, your foot will be bouncing along to the rhythm. Whereas the latter has strong riffs too but is much more chilled and subdued.

Dos is one of those occasions where we just don’t get enough. Six tracks seems far too short and while each one does deliver a memorable experience, we’re left wanting more.


Pinto Graham – Dos Full Track Listing:

1. Further
2. Sleeping Giant
3. Southern Superstitions
4. Dreamcatcher
5. Old Man of the Mountain
6. The Weight


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Pinto Graham - Dos (Self Released)
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