Album Review: Damn Teeth – Real Men (Buzzhowl Records)

Glasgow synth-heads Damn Teeth are gearing up for the release of their second album on the 12th July! Titled ‘Real Men’, the album will be available via Buzzhowl Records.

Teeth 1

With enough fuzz and feedback to make your fillings ache, Damn Teeth get their new album underway with You’ll Only Make it Worse. The effects driven noise, with vocals that seem distant and withdrawn, echo around and certainly make an impression. It’s just not clear if it’s a good one or a bad one at this early stage.

It’s odd. A very odd listen from an odd unit but you can’t fault their imagination. It’s this that makes MRA Soundsystem a much more palatable listen. The super-synth drag and increases in vocal intensity really sits well. Then we have the lighter yet energetic rhythm of Dominant Muscle and the sharpened screeches/fuzzy tempo of Real Control.

Astounding in just how unusual it is and how often it takes things in a totally unexpected direction. It’s certainly a grower, not something that necessarily will be loved the first time around but it picks away until your resolve is weakened.

Happily, it’s not all teeth-grinding synth though as Deserving Pest has a little more mellowness laid through it while Cattle is an eerie intermission-like track with spoken words.

It’s video game chiptunes that dominate the madness that is Pink Pitbull. The effect is so jarring yet appealing especially as it has a punk ethos. It’s a shifting and shapeless track too as is to be expected with Damn Teeth.

Then even more trippy effects with the catchiest track of the album, Heavily Telegraphed – Correctly. More video game style music for the wickedly fun The People vs. Real Men before the strangest album heard this year wraps up with Coasting on Genetics.

Would you believe that it’s a mind-f**k? What else would you expect!?

Damn 2

Damn Teeth – Real Men Full Track Listing:

1. You’ll Only Make it Worse
2. MRA Soundsystem
3. Dominant Muscle
4. Real Control
5. Deserving Pest
6. Cattle
7. Pink Pitbull
8. Heavily Telegraphed – Correctly
9. The People vs. Real Men
10. Coasting on Genetics




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Damn Teeth – Real Men (Buzzhowl Records)
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