Horror Movie Review: The Haunted House of Horror (1969)

A very early slasher horror, The Haunted House of Horror is a very British 1969 film that was directed by Michael Armstrong. It stars Frankie Avalon and Jill Haworth. Who along with some of their friends, head off to a supposedly haunted mansion in the English countryside.

Once there they explore the derelict house, conduct a séance and go off on their own. This allows one of them to be stabbed to death by an unseen person. When the crime is discovered, the others realise one of them must be responsible so agree to leave his body and pretend he left alone.

Of course, guilt and worry assail the minds of some of them over the coming weeks. A couple of the characters are close to breaking. So the group agree to go back to the mansion and find out just who was responsible for the murder.

Of course, once back the killer begins to strike again. Will anyone be able to survive The Haunted House of Horror?

While not a bad movie, The Haunted House of Horror lacks a lot that would make it a good movie.

For starters, the story is pretty bland and never really grabs hold. It’s a basic slasher where the killer can be spotted a mile away. This does mean tension is at an all time low but knowing who the villain is way before the reveal isn’t the only reason tension is low.

Simply put, The Haunted House of Horror doesn’t do scares well and at no stage ever really rises above mediocre atmosphere. Had it leant more towards a supernatural element; it might have fared better, alas that is not the case.

The straight-faced performances of the cast don’t make for an endearing watch but no-one stinks up the screen either. You won’t remember their characters but they do at least try in that very British way.

Compared to the bevy of great British horrors available, The Haunted House of Horror shouldn’t really be on anyone’s ‘must-watch’ list. Only worth checking out if you’re literally running out of classic horrors to watch.

The Haunted House of Horror
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