Album Review: This Is Endless – Formations of a World Below (Endless Records)

Using the lessons that were taught from the old guard of death metal, This Is Endless bring a modern take on a sound that has been pioneered since the late 80’s. Recorded by none other than Russ Russel, Napalm Death, At The Gates, Evile and The Exploited being just a few on the producer’s CV, This Is Endless breathe fresh life into the corpse of Death Metal on their brand new album ‘Formations of a World Below’ out August 14th via Endless Records.

An absolute beastly listen, This is Endless combine the best of death metal worlds. The old and the new featured and melded to their needs. A non-stop and nonchalant assault by a band capable of dishing out such an intense battering. From Skin Cyst through to The Damned and the Weak and onwards to As I Suffocate, there is no let-up or give. This is an album filled to brim with vicious riffing, destructive percussion and feral vocals.

Imagine the biggest pit and the sweatiest show you can. Chances are the band responsible for its creation is This is Endless. From the sort of savagery that leaves a scar (Skin Cyst, The Damned and the Weak, Imprinted in Life) to the sort of brutality that weighs the mind down (Back to the Soil, Into the Hive), this album leaves a deep impression.

If you love death metal then This Is Endless have something for you. Ignore the sinister grin on their faces or the threatening look in the their eyes, they are here for your own good.

This is Endless – Formations of a World Below Full Track Listing:

1. Skin Cyst
2. Insect
3. Creature of Habit
4. The Damned and the Weak
5. Back To The Soil
6. Social Decay
7. Imprinted In Life
8. Into The Hive
9. As I Suffocate


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This Is Endless - Formations of a World Below (Endless Records)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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