Album Review: Veonity – Sorrows (Scarlet Records)

Sorrows, Veonity’s fourth studio album, sets a slighter darker and heavier tone than the band’s previous records. A small amount of symphonic additions as well as progressive elements strays from the typical ultra-power metal style that signifies Veonity.

However, the foundation that Veonity rests upon is still intact: lots of guitars, double bass-drums and an abundance of epic choirs, solos and metal screams.

Lyrically, Veonity has moved beyond the conceptual story found on their previous work while just keeping a conceptual theme. The songs on ‘Sorrows’ describe issues of betrayal, grief and solitude – all neatly wrapped up in a glorious power metal blanket.

Emerging from the sorrowful melody of Broken into a hyper-active set of riffs, elegant symphonic elements and a thumping metal beat with Graced or Damned. Veonity are here and ready to deliver detailed power metal highs. The solo in the latter will make you sit up that little straighter.

It just gets better and better too.

The high from that is increased with Back in to the Dark, Veonity building upwards and out of the initial darker tone to a gloriously catchy chorus. Blinded Eyes Will See follows suit, the delicious vocals and guitar riffing enough to make you drop to your knees and thank whatever deity you want for power metal. Where Our Memories Used to Grow demands you get involved with bouts of head-banging while also singing as loudly as possible.

This is classy power metal. One where the core of the sound is kept intact, and any symphonic elements are used subtly and cleverly.

Classiness that gives us a daringly heavy metal punch with Acceptance, an absolute rager with some proper meatiness to the riffs. Followed by the fiery vigour of Free Again and epic Center of the Storm.

It’s not quite over yet though as Veonity have a few more power metal tricks up their sleeve to ensure we leave very satisfied. Satisfaction that comes from the enormous chest-beating thrill ride that is War and heartfelt finale of Fear of Being Alive. A glorious double-header to end one heck of a journey.

Veonity – Sorrows Full Track Listing:

1. Broken
2. Graced Or Damned
3. Back In To The Dark
4. Blinded Eyes Will See
5. Where Our Memories Used To Grow
6. Acceptance
7. Free Again
8. Center Of The Storm
9. War
10. Fear Of Being Alive


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Veonity - Sorrows (Scarlet Records)
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