Horror Movie Review: OMG… We’re in a Horror Movie!!! (2015)

Directed, Co-produced, co-written and starring Ajala Bandele, OMG…We’re in a Horror Movie!!! will win over most through the sheer enthusiasm of the cast. A horror comedy, it also gets massive bonus points for it’s attempt at originality. Even if it was clearly inspired by the likes of Scary Movie and The Cabin in the Woods.

It’s the kind of horror you want to love especially with such a wonderful cast of actors putting their all into it but it has problems. The most obvious being how hit and miss the jokes are. As well as the awful pacing that slows things down to a painful crawl at times.


The story surrounds a group of friends hanging out, playing board games when they are mysteriously transported into a horror film. Once they realise this they are forced to assume the roles of stereotypical horror characters such as the jock, stoner and pretty cheerleader.

What does every horror movie need as well though? A killer of course, a role also taken by one of the group…but who?


That is a great premise, it really is and the cast sell it well. Most try to avoid their pre-determined horror fate by trying to do something against the norm but inevitably end up in the exact situation they were trying to avoid. This does allow for some hilarious exchanges and situations. One such one involving a ‘sound guy’ in the car will get most chuckling along.

That being said, the film doesn’t seem to know when to stop trying to be funny and often pushes a joke to breaking point. Rather then being short, sharp wittiness, it likes to delay and hold on punchlines. You half expect the actor to turn to the camera and wink.


Not only that, its humour is not going to be for everyone. Some may even find some of the jokes a little offensive. That didn’t stop Scary Movie being a huge success though!

The effort shown by the cast is seriously commendable and one of the brightest things about the film. However, even their infectious enthusiasm can’t save the film when it slows to a crawl.


Something it does far too many times to be forgivable. For all the fun moments, by time the finale comes along you’ll just want it to end so you can reflect on the parts you did like.


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OMG... We're in a Horror Movie!!!
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