Album Review: Centrilia – In The Name Of Nothing (233 Records)

Following the release of two EP’s and a rabid response to their live shows, Scottish metalcore band Centrilia have announced they will release their debut album this June. Titled ‘In The Name Of Nothing’, this new studio release by the Glaswegians showcases eight tracks of unadulterated crushing heaviness, galvanised with intense veracity.

‘In The Name Of Nothing’ address a number of topics, with the album’s central lens tightly focused on the meditation of modern humanity, morality and our existence in challenging times of uncertainty.

Centrilia’s debut album ‘In The Name Of Nothing’ is released via 233 Records on the 28th June 2019.

Centrilia 2

With high energy and deep groove, Scottish future heavyweights Centrilia come crashing out of the gates with Symptoms of Betrayal. Metalcore that has an air of familiarity about it but has more then enough to grab attentions. Part of which lies at the feet of the absolute devastation caused by the riffs. Chunky and meaty as hell, they’re a major part of why the opener and the following tracks slay so much.

That and the aggression shown by the drumming and vocals. Intense rhythm and furious pointed roars with just a touch of melodic moments sneaking in. One such brief moment crops up in Splitting Hairs, Splitting Teeth although it’s the breakdowns that stand out here.

Then we have the desperation of Imposters, something that is really present in the vocals and drawing parallels to early Slipknot.

However, the highlight comes in the form of The Fool on the Hill. Here we get riffs that shoot like out of control fireworks and it dares to be a bit catchy. Following that absolute belter, we get a more subdued yet still heavy title track before Those Possessed By Devils and Let the Fire Burn continues the beastly performance.


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Centrilia – In the Name of Nothing Full Track Listing:

1. Symptoms Of Betrayal
2. Splitting Hairs, Spitting Teeth
3. Imposters
4. The Fool On The Hill
5. In The Name Of Nothing
6. Those Possessed By Devils
7. Let The Fire Burn
8. Tamam Shud


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Centrilia - In The Name Of Nothing (233 Records)
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