Horror Book Review: She Was Asking for It: Tales to Make You Vomit – Book 1 (J. Manfred Weichsel)

J. Manfred Weichsel is a sick individual. Revelling in telling a tale that is warped and perverse. The title says it all and we love him for it. This is a story filled with rotten and repellent violent sexual detail. If those words turn your stomach, you best avoid this story.

She Was Asking for It: Tales to Make You Vomit – Book 1 crosses many a line but does so in a way that has a tongue in cheek feel to it. Like the scenarios are so insane at times, that it is impossible to believe they could happen. Then at others, it casts a serious wide-eye glance at certain industries and the ghastly behaviour of some individuals within it. It is clearly embellished but you might find yourself reading this story with a grimace plastered across your face.

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Beginning in a more fantastical way, a man reaches the end of his quest to rescue his love only to find her tied up in a library of sorts and over a pit of fire. Her captor agrees to release her on one condition, the man must read a story from the library and not vomit. Do that and he and his love will go free but should he spew, death will follow.

The story he reads surrounds the Hollywood movie industry and a woman who ends up in the clutches of a psychotic couple. A couple who blames each other for the events that have led them here. A couple who regales her with their own version of events… in graphic detail.

That can’t be understated, this is a graphic book and not for those offended easily. It is an entertaining read though. Characters aren’t so important, it’s the events surrounding them that are. The over-the-top behaviour and descriptions make for a fun and disturbing read. J. Manfred Weichsel certainly has imagination and how he expresses that is going to be quite polarising.



She Was Asking for It: Tales to Make You Vomit - Book 1 (J. Manfred Weichsel)
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