EP Review: Seas, Starry – Anatomy (Ripcord Records/Make That A Tale Records)

Hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland, Seas, Starry are a noisy kraut/psychedelic/ambient inspired four-piece band. Having released 2 full-length albums since 2010, the band are now gearing up to release their brand-new EP. Called ‘Anatomy’, the EP will released on the 16th of April via Ripcord Records and Make That A Tale Records.

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A unique listen, the opener Skull/Tone/Skull is a mix of off-kilter vibes and relaxing melodies. Advancing into weird territory as it goes on and more elements are introduced. It’s edge of the seat stuff as you’ll find yourself eagerly awaiting the next interesting development. Here, it’s dragged out to near breaking point. Finally snapping in the last few minutes as the medley gets darker, heavier and eerie, psychedelic vocals take control.

Stabbed in the Eyes has a more animated guitar rhythm but the sharp, feedback in the background makes it immediately unusual to hear. Like solidifying liquid, the bass gets thicker and more prominent. The energy increases a couple of steps, things get wilder and less controlled leading to a whirlwind finish.

The penultimate offering, Nun the Wiser has duelling vocals – male and female. The former has an electronic tone whereas the latter is laced with punky poison. It works so well with the bouncier beat, one of the most enjoyable efforts that still has a ton of unique flavour about it.

Finally, New Ruins has Seas, Starry really push the boundaries with a 12+ minute ambient nightmare/dream. It is an incredible example of a song getting under the skin. A song burying its way into the brain matter forcing you to focus all your thoughts on understanding it. Where you can’t quite decide if it is just too weird or if it’s one of the most beautifully challenging things ever heard. If there’s one element that we can pick out and push front and centre for those reading to get some idea of just how unique this is, it’s the chimes/bells. Creating the ‘Starry’ part of ‘Seas, Starry’ for sure.

Confused by this? The answer is to go and check it out yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Seas, Starry – Anatomy Full Track Listing:

1. Skull/Tone/Skull
2. Stabbed In The Eyes
3. Nun The Wiser
4. New Ruins


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Seas, Starry- Anatomy (Ripcord Records)
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