Album Review: Bewitcher – Cursed Be Thy Kingdom (Century Media Records)

Rock ’n’ roll is the Devil’s music, and through Cursed Be Thy Kingdom, Bewitcher invites you to join them at the crossroads, drink from the chalice of rock ’n’ roll, then ritualistically sell your soul to the dark lord himself. The invitation will be able to be collected on April 16th 2021 via Century Media Records.

Talk about barely pausing for breath, Bewitcher start hot and don’t let up for 35+ minutes. Leaving almost no time in between each track, it’s a frantic black and roll effort that sometimes leans more to the former, sometimes more to latter. Regardless of the focus, there’s no denying that Bewitcher know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to high-energy heaviness and fulfilling good-time rock ‘n’ roll.

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Look no further than the frenzy of riffs and hooks that make up Death Returns… a track that brims with life and follows an intro of melody (Ashe). Upon hearing this track, you can’t help but draw some comparisons to the likes of Children of Bodom too. Especially as vocally, we have something very similar to the growling high-pitched guttural snarl of Alexi Laiho.

Growing into their own sounding skin, Satanick Magick Attack and Electric Phantoms have the ever present urgency but deliver the one-two punch of rhythmic drum beats and head-banging riff work. It’s electrifying stuff with all the groove to get even the most stoic person moving.

Expecting a slow-down? It’s not coming as Bewitcher continue to move at hyper pace. The growling gruffness of the vocals playing off the dangerously fast riffing. Though there are moments of balance here as the chorus is more prominent and a guitar solo changes the energy expenditure up. One of the more exciting tracks.

Although, excitement is the overall feeling felt throughout Cursed Be Thy Kingdom as these black ‘n’ rollers continue to kick ass and take names. The title track, Valley of the Ravens, Metal Burner and The Widow’s Blade are varying levels of the same feel-good groovy rock and metal that Bewitcher make seem so easy. Even when there’s a tad darker tone, such as found on the echoing heaviness and bluesy guitar chimes of Valley of the Ravens.

It’s down to Sign of the Wolf to ensure this album goes out on a high and unsurprisingly, it doesn’t disappoint. A thick and vicarious closing track, Bewitcher don’t have any pomp but wholeheartedly prove they don’t need it.

Bewitcher – Cursed Be Thy Kingdom Full Track Listing:

1. Ashe
2. Death Returns…
3. Satanick Magick Attack
4. Electric Phantoms
5. Mystifier (White Night City)
6. Cursed Be Thy Kingdom
7. Valley of the Ravens
8. Metal Burner
9. The Widow’s Blade
10. Sign of the Wolf


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Bewitcher - Cursed Be Thy Kingdom (Century Media Records)
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