Game Review: Will It Ever End? (Mobile)

Will it ever end…a short story about love and routine.

This is not a game, not in the conventional sense. It is an interactive story that can be finished in about 15 minutes. Something the developer has gone to great lengths to stress in response to reviews on the Apple App Store.

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While it’s all good & proper responding to criticism, Will It Ever End? is listed in the ‘games’ section & the description doesn’t say it’s not a game. Simply put, many will read the description, see the price (£1.99) and hit buy hoping for a more emotionally involving game.

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What you’re paying for here is visuals & music as the story doesn’t hold up. It’s about routine, the daily routine & how it can warp our perspective of what matters. You control a man moving him left, right and occasionally jumping. Starting with pixelated visuals, the man’s routine of getting up & going to work is all you’ll experience for a couple of minutes. Then he meets someone & things change, the pixelated style disappears & is replaced with gorgeous smooth imagery.

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Everything becomes brighter & much more appealing. It’s a great representation of what falling in love/sharing experiences with someone you care about can be like. Credit where credit is due, this is impressive & the music really stands out.

However, it becomes painfully clear that there is little substance here & in a few minutes the credits will roll & you’re unlikely to feel like you got value for money.

Ever End 5

The developer might say it’s not a game but Will It Ever End? is sold as a game. With that in mind it’s over-priced. There isn’t enough depth within the story, no replay vale & very little player interaction.


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Will It Ever End?
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