EP Review: Isgalder – To the Hall of the Stars (Hellthrasher Productions)

Due out on March 9th 2018, To the Hall of the Stars is the new EP from German black metallers, Isgalder. The band play epic pagan black metal & feature members of Dauþuz and Wintarnaht. The EP will be released via Hellthrasher Productions.

Isgalder 2

Effectively just a three-track release, as the second half of the EP is just alternate versions of three songs.

Opening with The Ravendale, the first thing that really stands out are the contrasting vocals. One smooth & buttery, the other hellish. The second thing that really stands out is the wonderful blend of pagan melody & black metal. It gives the track & the EP as a whole, a really cold, ancient & isolated feel.

Elder Wisdom ups the black metal heaviness to amazing results. Isgalder understand how to deliver unforgettable rhythm while staying true to the core of the sub-genre’s sound. Look no further then the haunting but moving, Soaring Mountains. All the brutality of hell unleashed but with an undertone of older then sin darkness.

The alternate versions of the songs are a nice touch to flesh out the EP, different enough to make them not feel repetitive. This is a super-exciting release from Isgalder, one that delivers on its promise of pagan-infused black metal.



Isgalder 1

Isgalder – To the Hall of the Stars Full Track Listing:

1. The Ravendale
2. Elder Wisdom
3. Soaring Mountains
4. The Ravendale (Alternate Version)
5. Elder Wisdom (Alternate Version)
6. Soaring Mountains (Alternate Version)

You can order the EP now on Bandcamp.


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Isgalder – To the Hall of the Stars (Hellthrasher Productions)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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