Album Review: North Hammer – Stormcaller (Self Released)

One man (Andrew James of Edmonton’s Eye of Horus’ and Shotgunner) folk/viking metal band North Hammer will release Stormcaller, the debut release on March 16th 2018. An album that draws inspiration from the mighty Quorthon.

North Hammer 2

Kicking off with a heavily atmospheric track, Avatar is a fist-pumping, galloping rhythmic opener that shows that the riff is king here. The fast pace mixed with the folk-hooks makes for a catchy opener. The folk elements are more prominent on Wanderer, a thrilling track with nice melodies & blackened metal screeching vocals.

North Hammer’s influences are fairly obvious but it doesn’t stop Stormcaller being a pulse-pounding album. Lots of singular elements that sit alongside heart-warming riffs. Such as the keyboards in Written in the Stars, the rolling drum beat of Magic Mead, the soft melody that crops up in A Soldier’s Song & the shouty vocal rhythm of North Hammer.

All that being said, what really stands out in Stormcaller are the riffs. Andrew James pulls of some stellar work here, catchy & exciting with each song standing strongly on its own. The blend of folk melody & heavier death-metal sounds great.

Lion’s Winter ends things with a crunching beat, roaring vocals & a final intense level of riffing that leaves a big smile on the face.

North Hammer 1

North Hammer – Stormcaller Full Track Listing:

1. Avatar
2. Wanderer
3. Written in the Stars
4. Magic Mead
5. Tip of the Spear
6. A Soldier’s Song
7. Black Forest Rain
8. Spellbinder
9. North Hammer
10. Lion’s Winter

You can order the album now over on Bandcamp and fine more/keep up to date with news via Andrew James website,  North Hammer’s Facebook Page, Instagram, YouTube and SoundCloud.


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North Hammer - Stormcaller (Self Released)
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