Horror Movie Review: Grabbers (2012)

Directed by Jon Wright and written by Kevin Lehane, Grabbers is a 2012 comedy horror movie set in a small village off the coast of Ireland.

Starring Richard Coyle as Garda Ciarán O’Shea & Ruth Bradley as Garda Lisa Nolan. The pair are partnered up. She is super-keen & his is an alcoholic that doesn’t have much interest in his job anymore.

Grabbers 2

That changes when mutilated whale corpses are found washed up on the beach & the culprits seem to be bloodsucking tentacled aliens. Aliens that arrived when a ball of green light fell from the sky. The entire town is under threat until the discovery that a high blood alcohol content might just be what saves everyone. These ‘grabbers’ seem to find booze toxic, so the only way to deal with them is to be drunk!

Grabbers 3

Cue much drunken silliness, great creature effects & a well told story. Grabbers is a very entertaining horror flick that has a classic monster feel about it. The build towards the reveal is great & when the ‘big’ one shows up, it doesn’t let us down. A great location with gorgeous cinematography adds some much-needed realism to the flick. The island is an isolated place & the residents are used to absolutely nothing ever happening. This allows for some serious complacency & funny moments when they do find out what is really going on.

Grabbers 4

Great characters portrayed by great actors makes for a really memorable film. Coyle & Bradley have great chemistry & they deliver laughs as well as sombre performances.

It’s got some decent gore, some nasty looking alien effects & as said before, the creature itself looks great. Grabbers has a really polished look, one that you don’t normally expect from a film like this. It’s got just a small hint of cheesiness but the laughs are played straight, never in your face or meant to be annoying.

Grabbers 5

It doesn’t bring anything fresh to the monster horror movies but as a fun flick it’s certainly worth a watch.

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