Album Review: Anarchos – Invocation Of Moribund Spirits (Blood Harvest/Regain Records)

Featuring past and present members of such bands as Eternal Solstice, Burning Hatred, Ulcerate Fester, Satanic Tyrant, and Profligate. Anarchos play death metal & will release their debut album, Invocation of Moribund Spirits on March 16th 2018 via Blood Harvest and Regain Records.

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A maelstrom of morbid energy, Anarchos’ brand of death metal is hefty slice of both the old & new school of the genre. Furiously aggressive, darkly heavy & disgustingly brutal. It’s 9 tracks of raw (really raw) nastiness that refuses to compromise in its blood-boiling heaviness.

A forgettable start is improved upon with the more rhythmic Cursed Gift. Here the guitars really make impact & the tempo switches grab the attention. The low guttural vocals are demonic in their delivery while the drumming is simply devastating.

There is no let-up here save for the occasional drop in pace or short guitar solo but even then the heaviness is consistent. Through Whom They Crawl, Dominions of Blasphemy, Deformed Abomination, Nacentes Morimur…it’s track after track of fiery blackened death metal that is likely only to appeal to purists. Anarchos do a solid job of producing memorable death but after a while things begin to meld into one another. This is head-banging music but not the kind that will be remembered long afterwards.

The one track that really stands out & will see multiple plays is the most expansive & exciting of the bunch, Cold Funeral. The shifts in tempo, the doom-like riffs & well placed increases in brutality really gets the blood pumping.

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Anarchos – Invocation of Moribund Spirits Full Track Listing:

1. Far Beyond Infinity
2. Cursed Gift
3. Retribution Of The Doomed
4. Through Whom They Crawl
5. Dominions Of Blasphemy
6. Cold Funeral
7. Deformed Abomination
8. Initiating Lawless Rites
9. Nacentes Morimur

You can order the album via Blood Harvest Records here and Regain Records here. You can also pick it up on Bandcamp as well as merchandise on Big Cartel. Find out more on Facebook and watch videos on YouTube.


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Anarchos - Invocation Of Moribund Spirits (Blood Harvest/Regain Records)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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