Game Review: Super Salon (Mobile – Free to Play)

Super Salon is a free to play game where you ‘run’ a salon, taking care of the customers and upgrading your facilities to make it all the more appealing. Whereas once upon a time, you could expect a form of ‘shop management’, here it’s nothing but a bare-bones offering with a ton of ads.

Customers come to your shop and it’s your job to take care of their needs. At first it’s as simple as trimming their insanely bushy eyebrows. However, the more money you earn from meeting these early needs, the more procedures you will unlock.

Eventually, once you’ve progressed far enough; you will be putting on face masks, stripping hair, applying eye makeup and even doing a bit of plastic surgery!

Whatever, the procedure is, the game makes it very simple to do. Most involves simply touching the screen and moving the tool around the area until the job is complete. Making a mistake is impossible as you can’t move on to the next part until the person has had what they desire.

As you can imagine, this gets very repetitive and once you have all the procedures unlocked there’s really not much else to the game.

The other side to the game involves decorating your store, something you do by spending money earned from completing jobs. Unfortunately, this has zero depth to it as you’re simply spending ever increasing in-game currency to change the look of the stations, furniture or décor. There is no strategy or choice, whatever the game wants you to have, is what you will have.

To make matters worse, in most cases you can also only upgrade the three categories once per go before the price changes to what else? An ad.

Yes, Super Salon is like every free to play game these days. An overly aggressive ad experience with constant pop-ups and desperate pleas to give you more money if you’d just watch another ad.

It’s a shame really as gameplay, while limited, works well and the initial thrill of unlocking new procedures makes it feel more like a game. Sadly, that is short-lived and after 30-45 minutes, you’ll likely be deleting it.

Super Salon
  • The Final Score - 5/10
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