Album Review: Priests of Prometheus – Hazardous Cycle (Self Released)

Once again, Priests of Prometheus are back to keep critics guessing with another dive into a genre removed from what they’ve tackled in the past. Hazardous Cycle, to be released on April 1st, turns to industrial metal to make their latest statement. The six tracks on this release are once again created by Justin “Turtle” Wolz, with contributions from Brian Simpson.

Turtle and Brian have put a lot of effort into the lyrics of this sextet of tracks. From callouts of the horrors of modern religion to the horrors of the modern workplace to the information wars and conspiracy theory, they have something to say.

If there’s one thing that can always be guaranteed with Priests of Prometheus is that whatever they create, it will always intrigue. We know, we’ve covered their last two releases and with Hazardous Cycle they once again bring us something unexpected and enthralling. Although, you have to have a taste for raw, chaotic industrial metal, that much is sure.

Kicking off the album with 6 Days Since Serious Injury, Priests of Prometheus build up nicely to an expulsion of rumbling, fuzzy, bowel-loosening noise. A dark, brooding and uncomfortable start to the album, it is immediately clear that this is a different Priests of Prometheus.

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Things then get a little insane with Forever Entomb. A cacophony of noisy squeals and drone-like effects settles into a rumbling, off-kilter and dangerous sounding rhythm, punctuated by guttural vocal screams and shouts. Before the halfway point of the album is reached with the sinister and other-worldly vibes of Exit Interview. A track that is atmosphere heavy, with a rhythmic industrial beat and a spoken word recording that tells a dark story.

Hissing is the shortest track on the album showcasing the sound of your nightmares. The title track continues the chaotic darkness theme with some down-right mind-melting sounds and effects. A track that serves a strong reminder of Priests of Prometheus’ metal credentials. Followed by Gut, a finale that carefully builds atmosphere before unleashing something with doom in its soul. Miserable and melodic industrial doom. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Which it is. Priests of Prometheus can always be relied on to deliver something that makes you feel, think and go back to countless times.

Priests of Prometheus – Hazardous Cycle Full Track Listing:

1. 6 Days Since Serious Injury
2. Forever Entomb
3. Exit Interview
4. Hissing
5. Hazardous Cycle
6. Gut


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Priests of Prometheus – Hazardous Cycle (Self Released)
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