Album Review: OAR – The Blood You Crave (Blighttown Records)

Sydney-based post-black metal collective OAR have announced the release of their debut full-length album “The Blood You Crave”, due out in early 2022 via Blighttown Records.

Leaning more to the black metal side than the post at first, OAR bring forth a brutal and brash sound on the opening title track. An 11+ minute epic that drips with dark and cold vibes but has the band’s sound begin to expand and grow as it goes on. From contemptuous black metal noise to detailed post ringing melodies and the in-depth combination of both laid together. It’s a powerful start that slowly wears you down.

Building on that but in shorter form; Doom and Angry pours even more darkness on to proceedings. The varied tempos allow a more evil and more dangerous rhythm to exert control, making the post-flareups even more impactful. Whereas Perfect Agony is pure post-black metal joy, albeit in OAR’s uniquely harsh way. Arguably quite catchy at first, the melodic descent comes out of nowhere but does result in a massive sounding rebuild.

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It’s back to long and detailed listens with the 9+ minutes of Souls Lost in the Frost. A track that has doomy tones blended with blistering and destructive black metal but made even more palatable by post melodies and shifting song structure. There’s some real meatiness in this track.

The final offering is, unsurprisingly, another long one. Passing the 11-minute mark and giving off uber-depressive vibes as it takes deep, throbbing melodic tones and interjects scathing ferocity and uncouth heaviness here and there. A fantastic listen that is probably as warm and chilled out as it gets on this album. At least until we get to around the halfway point and the icy chill of blackness becomes more prominent.

The perfect accompaniment to a cold January month.

OAR – The Blood You Crave Full Track Listing:

1. The Blood You Crave
2. Doomed and Damned
3. Perfect Agony
4. Souls Lost in the Frost
5. What Once Used to Bloom


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OAR - The Blood You Crave (Blighttown Records)
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