EP Review: Cold World by Pist.On (Self Released)

USA alternative rock band, Pist.On, return after the best part of 2 decades with a brand new EP called Cold World. Cold World will be released independently on the 25th of March this year.

The New York alternative rock stalwarts last recorded and released brand new music way back in 2001. They took an extended break from music though appeared to be reactivated with some live shows and a small UK tour back in 2019. You know, pre the world going to shit. That took a toll on every band out there and delayed Pist.On’s plans requiring more caution in planning future releases and of course, tours to back up that release. Still, the time has come and Pist.On are ready to release Cold World, a three track EP recorded at Flatline Audio, Denver Colorado, USA and produced, mixed and mastered by Dave Otero (Tetrarach, Cattle Decapitation).

The new songs display a natural progression which sees the band drawing on their past whilst adding a contemporary feel to their sound. Pist.On have evolved. With a different approach in the studio and a producer in tune with the band at the helm, their renewed vigour has been fully captured in the new recordings.

States frontman and guitarist Henry Font:

“We’re extremely happy with the work Dave Otero has done. He’s modernised our sound and brought a fresh dimension to the band. This feels like where we would have ended up had we continued writing and recording over the years. We’ve moved on from being gloomy miserable to being happy miserable“.

Pist.On is built around the core members who recorded the ‘$ell Out’ album, with Henry Font (vocals/guitar), Burton Gans (guitar) and Jeff McManus (drums). They are joined by bass guitarist Jack Hanley (ex The Deadlyz).

Pist.On Cold World EP band
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Cold World comes with 3 brand new tracks and around 12 minutes of music starting with the title track, Cold World. It starts off with a cleanly sung line which sounds great before a nice rocking riff and drum beat jumps in. I don’t quite love the first verse of vocals. I like the tone, like the edge to them but I don’t think it works with the music. Thankfully that passes quick and we soon head into an absolute corker of a prechorus, chorus combination. A little added backing vocals and lead guitars and you have supremely effective and memorable chorus. Chuck in a neat guitar solo and it’s a great start. That gets made even better with a sudden key change for another chorus and then an unexpected final verse. Unexpected as it’s a twist to the song’s structure where I thought we were in verse chorus verse chorus solos chorus end territory. Decent.

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The second track is called Ruin Your Day and has a nice chugging riff in the intro but again I find myself not enjoying the very first passage of vocals. Again I like the tone, I like the snarl they have but I don’t think it works brilliantly with the chugging riff. Also again, it is short lived and I don’t feel the same issue again over the rest of the song. The stop start nature to the verse is really cool and the snarly vocals bed in nicely. The drum patterns are really cool and there is a nice bass line running through everything. The chorus again is supremely simple but massively effective and gets properly stuck in your head. I adore the drop down into a more melodic guitar solo that turns into a dual harmonising section. This is a great track.

Cold World comes to an end with the song Icicles and probably my favourite track on the release. The lead guitars in the intro work brilliantly alongside the hushed yet menacing vocals. It feels a little more raw than the previous tracks, something I really enjoy. The underlying groove delivered by the drums and bass working in harmony with a little chugging riff is fantastic. The chorus is simple again but also still effective and I love the slightly more chaotic solo. A really wonderful song and a clever way to close out Cold World ensuring a lasting impression.

With so long of a break you would imagine it must be scary making a return for any band, including Pist.On. There surely has to be trepidation and questions – save for from their hardcore fan base. Do we still have a place and can we still cut it alongside modern music? Based on this showing, Pist.On certainly can and are sure to pick up plenty of new fans as well as pleasing their long term followers. Personal taste, on my side, I didn’t always love the vocals. I can’t exactly say why but the intro vocals on both of the first two tracks sound off a little. Thankfully they are short and fleeting moments so don’t detract too much from the overall quality on offer and I thoroughly enjoyed checking out the EP. Especially loving that final track, Icicles.

Cold World is a welcome return from a band that clearly still have plenty of fire and enthusiasm and more than enough quality to massively impact on the modern music scene.

Cold World will be released on all the usual streaming platforms at first with a planned limited edition CD set to follow.

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Cold World by Pist.On (Self Released)
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