Album Review: Krater – Venenare (Eisenwald)

A study in patience and progress, Krater formed in 2003. In the band’s earliest days – across two demos, two splits, and 2006’s debut album – the Krater sound tended more toward pagan black metal, but powerfully so. Come 2008, however, a period of silence and self-reflection followed…

When at last those sounds arrived, Krater had taken on a new form: one partly tied to their earlier traditionalism, another more so modernized. This burst-chrysalis came in the shape of 2011’s “Nocebo”, and following yet another lineup shake-up, 2016’s masterful “Urere”, courtesy of current label home Eisenwald. However, with these still-poignant albums as the foundation, Krater have now delivered their magnum opus with “Venenare”.

A 50-minute work broken into nine songs but unified as one winding, widescreen composition, Venenare will be released on November 15th 2019 via Eisenwald.

Krater hit hard with a very focused and modern sounding black metal album. One that is rooted in dark and depressive heaviness with cold melody wrapped up in a harsh veneer.

Flowing song to song with confidence, dusk sets on Eruption giving way to Prayer for Demise, an all out aural assault of wicked sounding metal. The savagery of the drumming standing tall amongst an album with riffs of steel and chanting like vocals that have all the hellish power of the devil itself.

Zwischen den Worten curls its evil tentacles around the mind with a slower and more rhythmic first half. Injections of spoken word forcing the thoughts into dark place while gooey filth drips from the riffs. Eventually the tempo changing form and Krater’s more furious side bursting forth.

Such poignant and affecting bleakness has no off switch. Krater sinking to unforgettable depths with Stellar Sparks. When Thousand Hearts is spectacular on a level not heard yet as the thump of the drums and monolithic vocals chill before Atmet Asche spreads icy horror over the soul.

The absolute power behind this album is impressive. The second wave of black metal has often provided us excellent music where the bands in question combine the old and new school to perfection but this is on another level.

Krater – Venenare Full Track Listing:

1. Eruption
2. Prayer for Demise
3. Zwischen den Worten
4. Stellar Sparks
5. When Thousand Hearts
6. Atmet Asche
7. No Place for You
8. Darvaza Breeds
10. Wasted Carbon




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Krater - Venenare (Eisenwald)
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