Album Review: Brothers of Metal – Emblas Saga (AFM Records)

The hype is real! One must have lived under a rock to not hear of this amazing new band from Falun, Sweden: Brothers of Metal are an extraordinary 8-piece which is taking the metal world by storm. Their initially self-released debut ‘Prophecy Of Ragnarök’ was officially made available by AFM Records in November 2018, and it became a bestseller right away. On top of that, the album’s songs were streamed more than 25 million times, which is a huge number for a metal band, let alone a group still in its early stages.

Therefore, anticipation and expectations are equally high – and following up a hit debut like “Prophecy Of Ragnarök” for sure is not an easy task. They will release their new album ‘Emblas Saga’ on 10th January 2020 on AFM Records.

Delivering an epic tale on the spoken word/symphonic intro of Brood of the Trickster, the album title really begins to make sense here. It builds up with incredible power and is unleashed into POWERSNAKE and good gods, is this epically bombastic. If that beat doesn’t get the hairs standing up on the body, there is something very wrong.

It’s such a chest beating start, the melding of clean female singing, gruffer male growls, orchestral bits and thumping power metal delivering pure excitement. It’s just the start though and Hel doesn’t make things any less huge sounding before the frenetic guitars kick in for the heavier punch of Chain Breaker.

Refusing to take their foot off the gas for even a second, Brothers of Metal bring catchy choruses too. The folkish rhythm of Kaunaz Dagaz and fast paced riffing of Theft of the Hammer putting a big smile on the face. You can’t really argue with tunes that have this much power behind them and that’s something this band exemplify.

Even when they do eventually take things into a softer and more melodic direction, as with Weaver of Fate, it still has that oomph behind it. Maybe not as uplifting but that style isn’t far behind thanks to the title track, Brothers Unite and Ride of the Valkyrie. A couple of tracks that are the epitome of what ‘battle metal’ should sound like.

Of course, it must end in exactly the same fashion as it begun with a bombastic offering of power and strength. To the Skies and Beyond one last call to arms, one last call to thump a battered and bruised chest and one last chance to raise a fist in the air in salute to Brothers of Metal.

Brothers of Metal – Emblas Saga Full Track Listing:

1. Brood of the Trickster
3. Hel
4. Chain Breaker
5. Kaunaz Dagaz
6. Theft of the Hammer
7. Weaver of Fate
8. Njord
9. Emblas Saga
10. Brothers Unite
11. One
12. Ride of the Valkyrie
13. To the Skies and Beyond


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Brothers of Metal - Emblas Saga (AFM Records)
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