Horror Short Review: Do You See What I See? (2016)

It might open with nice images of Christmas but the music that plays is very ominous. It continues as we see a woman sneaking in the backyard of a house. She quietly approaches a man standing in the garden wearing a Santa outfit but it turns out they are family, him being her brother in law. They share a joint and talk about the over the top planning that has gone into a party that is to be happening later.

Inside the house has literally been gift wrapped.

Night falls and the party is well under way, an ugly Christmas sweater party but an uninvited guest has arrived. One dressed all in black and with the kind of gift no-one wants to receive.

It’s a Christmas slasher short, one with plenty of tradition and plenty of blood. Who is this killer and what is their motivations? All will be revealed in an absolutely fantastic twist. To spoil it would be doing this excellent short a disservice. Instead make sure you watch it yourself below.

It’s really worthwhile as the acting is quality, the visuals are top the range, the violence intense and it feels suitably Christmassy.

Do You See What I See? could have been stuck solidly to the ‘slasher’ tropes but subverts it all with that finale.


Do You See What I See? (2016)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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