Horror Movie Review: The Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death (2015)

The Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death is proof that it doesn’t matter how bad your film is, you’ll get a sequel. The Ouija Experiment was an awful found footage horror released in 2011.

Taken from the review:

“It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so tiresome. This is a movie where you’re likely to get eye strain from the amount of eye-rolling you’re going to do.”

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Theatre 1

I really don’t know what those involved where thinking here. Theatre of Death goes with the premise that the first film was just that, a film. A film that apparently people loved. So much so that the cast are taking part in a meet & greet at a theatre.

This particular theatre is supposed to be haunted & the plan is for a few lucky winners to take part in a haunted tour with the cast the next night. Someone wins & they invite a total stranger for ‘reasons’ & the cast/theatre crew get things ready. Unfortunately, an evil spirit is actually released when a Ouija board is messed with!

Theatre 2

This is a rough one. We don’t do minus scores here but if we did The Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death would be the first to get one. Devoid of any redeeming features, the acting is somehow worse than it was in the original. The old faces not even trying while the new faces are embarrassingly bad. They are some of the most unlikable characters I’ve ever seen in horror but not in the ‘we’re supposed to dislike them’ kind of way. They shtick is supposed to be charming as if we have some form of connection to them because of the first movie.

Theatre 3

How arrogant can you be to think that your first movie was that damn good?

To make matters worse, it’s incredibly boring. There are so many scenes of pointless dialogue that add nothing to the bland & basic characters. When the ghostly stuff does begin the reactions & behaviour from the cast is hilariously bad. They know it’s a terrible movie & make no attempt to even try.

Theatre 4

The CGI is terrible, the practical effects just as bad…this is just a bad, bad movie. When you spend most of it trying to stay awake while also cringing you know you’ve just wasted 80+ minutes of your life. One of the worst movies ever made.

Theatre 5

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