Horror Movie Review: Tooth Fairy: The Last Extraction (2021)

Directed by Louisa Warren, written by Tom Jolliffe and starring Andrew Rolfe, Annie Knox, Jo Barker, Joanne Barker and Evangelina Burton. Tooth Fairy: The Last Extraction, aka Tooth Fairy 3: The Last Extraction aka Tooth Fairy 3 is the latest entry in the Tooth Fairy series of horror movies. One that looks to wrap up the story that began with Tooth Fairy in 2019.

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We hated the first movie, calling it one of the worst movies of 2019 (read our full review here) but we did think the sequel, Return of the Tooth Fairy was an improvement (read our full review here). Which gave renewed hope for the series overall as it seemed to be heading in the right direction.

Then along comes this movie to bring the momentum screeching to a halt. Tooth Fairy: The Last Extraction isn’t quite as bad as the first movie in this series but it’s very, very close.

Remember Corey from the past two films? He’s even more grown-up now and played by Andrew Rolfe. Now a single father to teenager Sally (Annie Knox), Corey has worked hard to forget his past. Unfortunately for Corey, this past is about to catch up with him. The tooth fairy isn’t done with him and chooses a family/friends vacation to strike.

Of course, the tooth fairy doesn’t just turn up. We need a spell book and happily, Sally and her friends buy one from a local. Ignoring the YouTube warning from Shawn C. Phillips and conjuring up the tooth fairy for more bloody mayhem. Will Corey finally succumb to the extraction or will he be able to banish the supernatural being once and for all?

A painful movie to watch. There are so many things wrong with this movie, it’s almost indescribable. Firstly, the story set-up that takes the unbelievable angle of Corey and a friend chaperoning Sally and her friends on this vacation. It’s hilariously ham-fisted and totally at odds with how most teenagers would react to this. Most teenagers would just not go and the movie’s attempts to offer reasons and explanations just don’t work.

All of this, and more, dominates the first half of the movie making for a really dry and boring first half. It doesn’t help that a lot of the acting is poor, and the dialogue is akin to having a tooth pulled out.

When it does get going and the tooth fairy enters the fray, things at least get a bit bloodier but it’s not interesting. We have forgettable characters, that no-one will care about, being killed or possessed by the spirit of the tooth fairy. Flashbacks to the first two movies, and some horrendous effects. The idea that we should care about the conclusion to Corey’s story is laughable when the focus seems to be elsewhere for most of its runtime.

It’s a toothless end to the Corey story of the Tooth Fairy movies. Fitting really, as the character was never that interesting to begin with. As for the villain? It has just not worked, so it’s good to see things go back to the drawing board with the next entry in the series. Yes, you read that right. There is a fourth movie.


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Tooth Fairy: The Last Extraction (2021)
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