Interview: Irian Darkwood (Written)

Irian Darkwood is a rock and metal artist who will release their debut single, ‘Lost Heart’ on June 21st, 2024. We find out a little bit more about the artist in this interview.

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1. Hello! Thank you for taking the time to chat to us. First things first, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started.

My Name is Irian Darkwood, and I’m from Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada.

I’ve always been a lover of music, my music class in school was my favourite place to be, a ‘bedroom singer’ ( I sang in my bedroom when no one was looking), until I was in high school, aside from the occasional choir, then, I joined up in band classes and learned to play a trumpet, was still in choirs, until I was 19 and ‘found’ the karaoke stage, it was there I discovered the love of performing in front of crowds and the rush of getting people to dance and sing and come up to me after with requests, I developed a fanbase even doing that, so, karaoke was really the turning point for me, that made me really want to be in front of people, performing live.

2. Someone comes to you and asks you to sum up what kind of music you play – what do you tell them?

I tell them my music is a mix of rock and metal music, leaning towards the style of the 80’s/90’s, and my covers are a unique take popular music, with different sound/feel and sometimes ‘updated’ lyrics.

3. What’s currently going on in your camp? New releases? Tours? Etc.

Right now, I’m looking forward to the release of my Debut single Lost Heart on June 21, 2024, and working on many other songs for upcoming releases.

4. What has been the most positive experience of making music to date for you?

I’d say meeting new people and making new friends is a big one, it’s kind of like the ripple effect, we’re like a big family and when you know a few, they know other and it’s sort of like ‘ you’re a friend of so and so? Let’s also be friends!’

5. Likewise, what has been some of the more challenging aspects and how have you overcome them?

Hmmm, well, being ‘on call’ 24/7 ha, it’s really any time that you work at, but, having a good team helps with scheduling and such so that I don’t get overwhelmed or burnt out because I tend to have a tendency to try to do everything all at once, and that if course can be stressful on everyone including myself.

6. How do you handle the modern expectations of being in a band? Always online, having to put out content constantly, your success measured in likes and follows?

It’s challenging to get known in the online world, getting followers or likes or shares, having to be on so many social media platforms and streaming services, but, I mean, persistence really is the key here, eventually you gain traction and stuff if you continue to make yourself known.

7. What’s something that really ‘grinds your gears’ about the industry/business these days and what would you propose is done to combat it?

I feel personally, that the focus on appearance and popularity vs actual talent is off, there isn’t enough focus, in my opinion, on talent so much, it makes it difficult for some to get anywhere in the industry.

8. Speaking directly to listeners – what would you ask they do to help support your music?

If you want to support my music, like, share, follow the pages and channels, stream the music, talk to people about it, comment on my posts on social media, any of that stuff certainly helps.

9. Outside of the music, what’s do you do to relax?

I write poetry, paint, do photography, I like watching nature, surfing the web, social media haha, sometimes just sitting and watching tv/Netflix, and I still love karaoke

10. Where can people find you?

You can find me at:

LinkTree | Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


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