Horror Short Review: No Sleep Tonight (2024)

Directed by H. Owen Richardson, and starring Saffron and Verity Richardson, No Sleep Tonight is an apt-title for this horror short as you may struggle to drift off after seeing it.

It’s a simple story, tying into some classic fears. A woman asleep in her bed is woken by sounds coming from the end. Peering into the darkness, blurry-eyed, she thinks she sees a figure peering at her, but when she turns the lights on, there is nothing there.

Awake now, and a little freaked out, she tries to read a book, but the sense that something is watching her is still strong. Is it all in her imagination, or is there something wicked in the room with her?

You have to love an effectively frightening short that delivers on both the creep factor and the jump-scare aspects of horror. No Sleep Tonight is this short, and while it doesn’t have an original bone in its body, it delivers. It’s only three minutes long too, so really digestible.

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Check it out below.


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No Sleep Tonight (2024)
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