Horror Movie Review: Tooth Fairy (2019)

Tooth Fairy (also known as Toof) can proudly claim to be one of the worst movies of 2019. It’s simply staggering just how bad of a horror it is and the only thing that stops it being a 0/10 is one actor’s performance.

Directed by Louisa Warren and starring Claire-Maria Fox and Manny Jai Montana, Tooth Fairy takes place on a rural farm. A family reunion, sort of except a lot of this family aren’t exactly happy to see each other. Tensions between mother and daughter (even though they look the same age) is the crux of the issue. Claire-Maria Fox plays the daughter and she has no time for her mother’s outlandish stories regarding the tooth fairy.

Tooth Fairy 4

She should probably listen though considering the fairy/witch is locked in the barn. Of course, it’s a horror so it’s not long before the monster is freed and running amok. Will anyone survive? Will anyone care?

The setup is bare bones and wholly unoriginal yet it still approaches this in a lazy way. Forced conflict between family is fine and the acting/dialogue here is decent but the absurdity of why pushes things a little too far.

Then there is the evil of the story, locked away for years in an impenetrable prison. So impenetrable is this prison that a drifter literally walks up and unlocks the door. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Tooth Fairy 2

Now that she’s free you might think we’re going to get some gore, scares and lots of teeth pulling. Sadly, that is not the case. Tooth Fairy chooses instead to spend way too much time detailing and analysing the family’s problems. Now, I’m all for character development but there’s a time and a place. Namely at the start and far quicker than this movie manages. It’s about a killer Tooth Fairy for goodness sake, let’s see some teeth snatching!

Tooth Fairy 3

What we have is a tiresome rethread of every ghostly/imaginary monster/demonic story ever told in a painfully slow way. It’s less a horror and more of a family drama which does not make good viewing even if Claire-Maria Fox tries her hardest to light up the screen.

Tooth Fairy
  • The Final Score - 1/10
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