Bloodstock 2022 Band Feature: Sweet May

Bloodstock Open Air 2022 takes place from August 11th and August 14th with a line-up that might be one of the best the festival has ever put on. A wide array of rock and metal acts spread across four stages, it’s looking likely to be a weekend not to be missed. Pick up tickets here.

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While geared towards the nosier, heavier, and nastier side of metal, Bloodstock does offer a lot of varieties in genres. Simply put, if you play good rock and/or metal music, chances are you’re in with a shot at playing the festival. That’s how things went down with Sweet May, a band that don’t necessarily fit the Bloodstock mould but offer up something storming for the New Blood stage.

A young trio, Sweet May emerged out of 2021’s lockdown gloom and hit the ground running. Their infectious and distinctive sound, a fluid balance between vintage blues and piercing heavy metal, helped them make a mark on the York metal scene.

Influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath, Greta Van Fleet, and everything in between, Sweet May have worked hard to refine and define their own sound. Offering up grit and soul, alongside progressively tinged rock, and heavy metal.

The band have been gigging all over the country and picking up legions of fans along the way. So it’s no surprise that Bloodstock came calling as the future of this young band is looking particularly bright.

Sweet May play on the Sunday of the festival on the New Blood stage. We spoke to them about what it means to play the festival and what fans can expect:

We cannot wait to play.

Having started the band a year ago being accepted to play Bloodstock is a sheer honour and privilege. With our oldest member being 21 who has been going consecutively since he was 12, playing and experiencing the glory and power of Bloodstock’s metal community is something that will stay with us for life and we hope to do it again and again in the future.

From our show, people can expect a young trio with incomparable energy, passion and aggression drawing influence from the greats with a modern, international touch.

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