Horror Movie Review: The Terror Within (1989)

On the one hand The Terror Within in is an unashamed Alien clone/wannabe but on the other it’s a hilariously campy 80’s mutant horror that is down-right shocking in regards to how gory it is. It might have been released as late as 1989 but this is an 80’s movie through and through. Whichever side you fall on both can agree that as far as entertainment goes, The Terror Within delivers!

Set in a post-apocalyptic future, a group of humans remain hidden underground in a lab in the Mojave Desert. Some form of chemical attack decimated the world. Most of the population is either dead or has been transformed into some kind of mutant.

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It’s not safe on the surface but two of the survivors from the Mojave Lab are investigating above ground when they are attacked by mutants. We don’t see this, only hear about it across the radio which is with Sue (Starr Andreeff) and David (Andrew Stevens) underground. David and another woman, Linda (Terri Treas) head out to find them but discover their dead bodies. They do however find a woman named Karen (Yvonne Saa) who has survived on the surface somehow.

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They bring her back which causes some internal conflict but Hal (George Kennedy) commands and he agrees that she can stay, provided she is checked out. It turns out though that Karen is pregnant and the fetus is growing at a fast rate. While being operated on she suddenly gives birth to a mutant which escapes into the vents.

The group have to hunt it down and kill it before it wipes them all out.

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The Terror Within is so campy and charming that it’s impossible to not enjoy. The story, the acting, the effects…it’s all well below par but it all combines to be a memorable watch. If lumbering mutant beasts, buckets of blood, mutant rape, alien babies being born and throats being ripped open is your cup of tea then The Terror Within provides.

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The plot is as nonsensical as you’d expect and is filled with plot holes galore. If the air is poison where does the lab get its from? It’s irrelevant though as once the first mutant baby is born it all goes out the window. All for an over the top gorefest and it’s better for it.

Those with a more nervous disposition might not enjoy some of the more graphic scenes though. For everyone else, enjoy this slice of 80’s gold for all its worth.


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The Terror Within
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