Horror Movie Review: Outpost II – Black Sun (2012)

Outpost II: Black Sun is a sequel to the 2008 Nazi-zombie horror Outpost. A decent enough flick that rose above the mediocre story thanks to its interesting characters. You can read our review of the movie right here.

Black Sun 1

Released in 2012, 4 years after the first, Outpost II: Black Sun begins directly after the events of the first film. Lena (Catherine Steadman) is searching for a Nazi war-criminal scientist named Klausener. Her search leads her to Neurath, one of Klausener’s old colleagues who has maps of Eastern Europe & information on a man named Hunt.

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Hunt was the man hired to find the Nazi bunker in the first movie. The bunker that housed the machine that brought the Nazi zombies to life. The same machine that keeps them trapped around the bunker. It turns out that that Klausener is the man responsible for the machine & the experiments. Knowing this, Lena heads off to Eastern Europe believing that this bunker & Hunt will lead her to Klausener.

Once she arrives in the war-torn region she runs into an old friend called Wallace (Richard Coyle). He seems to know a fair bit about the place she is searching for but warns her off from going. Naturally, she insists she is going anyway so Wallace agrees to accompany her. The pair end up in the middle of a fire-fight between a group of soldiers & the advancing Nazi-zombie horde.

Black Sun 3

Led by the ‘breather’ Gotz (Johnny Meres) the zombie army are moving out from the bunker. Something has enhanced the machines range & it’s up to Lena & Wallace to stop it.

The end result isn’t exactly the most exciting. Amazingly for a film that takes itself so seriously it’s story becomes even more absurd by time the credits roll. It might seem silly saying that about a movie that has a Nazi zombie horde attempting a Fourth Reich but it really pushes the limits of the imagination by the end.

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As a continuation of the first film, Black Sun doesn’t tell even half as a compelling story. It’s very slow & spends far too long with very little happening. So much time is given to Lena’s story & while it does make for a better character, it’s just not that interesting. The film only really picks up in the final 30 odd minutes when they arrive within the vicinity of the bunker.

The visuals surrounding the zombie horde really adds layers to their threat & they are an imposing sight. Unfortunately, the lack of characters within the army unit fighting the Nazis means there is little reason to care about who they are fighting & killing.

Black Sun 5

As a sequel it fails to deliver an interesting story & satisfying conclusion. It’s dark & gritty style is at odds with its silly finale & the lack of interesting fodder for the Nazi zombies really lets it down.


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