Game Review: Stop Them ALL! (Mobile – Free to Play)

Like 99% of the pick and play free games on the mobile market, if you want to watch ads which are occasionally interrupted by a game, then Stop them ALL is for you.

It sticks to the tried, tested and infuriating formula set out by the free to play market and doesn’t deviate from that in the slightest. Of course, that makes it a game worth avoiding already which is shame because when you can play it, it’s fun and addictive.

The goal of the game is simple. Kill the faceless people as they move from trap to trap ensuring that no-one makes it to the finish line alive. Traps range from flamethrowers, cannons, springboards and more. As of version 1.2.2 there are 18 in total to unlock which you do by progressing through levels.

To add even more longevity to the experience you can also unlock skins for the faceless victims. Some unlocked by completing levels, others by earning in-game currency and others by watching *sigh* even more ads.

Once they’re all unlocked, which won’t take long either, there is nothing left to do though. Future updates might add more traps and characters but as of right now and with over 100 levels played it’s got nothing to offer any more.

It’s not as though the repetition of the gameplay is anything to write home about anyway. Stop them ALL would be a recommend for those looking to waste away a train journey or something but those ads are killer.

Stop Them ALL! (Mobile - Free to Play)
  • The Final Score - 4/10
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