EP Review: Moskito – G.R.I.M (Self Released)

UK indie punk rockers Moskito are on a riot with their upcoming debut EP release ‘G.R.I.M’ (short for Grief, Remorse, Infected, Manhood). They will be dropping the much-anticipated EP on October 13th, 2023.

We do enjoy a bit of Moskito here at GBHBL, having reviewed a slew of singles beforehand, including the opener of this new EP. Killing Joke is an interesting blend of noisy punk chaos and dramatic indie melodies. One that finds the band in a bit of a heavier mood, but still providing infectiousness that makes them such a delight to listen to.

Something that is present in every single track, just in different ways. For example, there’s Loser. A track with strong Brit-punk vibes that gets faster and more energised as it goes on. Leading to crashing display of noise. Then there is Bottom Feeder, a track with memorable melodies, but one that stands out for the extra passion that is thrown into the vocals as it goes on.

It’s cool to have Moskito showcasing so much variety on this EP and that continues into Clinomania. Where the moody intro transforms into a manic showcase of body-shaking punk rock. The ultimate example of a track to get sweaty to. Before Thrill Seeker wraps things up in extremely groovy fashion. Arguably the catchiest track of all, although each single track wouldn’t be out of place on a radio station.

A strong debut release that makes it evidently clear that Moskito are no ‘flash in the pan’ band.

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Moskito – G.R.I.M Track Listing:

1. Killing Joke
2. Loser
3. Bottom Feeder
4. Clinomania
5. Thrill Seeker


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Moskito – G.R.I.M (Self Released)
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