Game Review: Fe (Xbox One X)

Fe is an action-adventure game in which players take control of a fox-like creature called Fe. It was developed by Zoink and published by Electronic Arts under its EA Originals program in 2018.

As the titular character you’re tasked with traversing a mystical forest and saving its inhabitants from some strange entities. The forest and creatures within it are responsive to songs and sounds. Fe is able to communicate with them via vocal sounds that you’ll collect along the way. In turn, you’ll be taught new abilities such as, activating a flower that acts as a jump-pad to launch Fe to higher locations and explore more of the world.

Let me start with the positive aspects of Fe, that’s always more enjoyable. The game is very pleasing to the eye. Everything surrounding you has this delightful fluorescent glow, it looks magical. Accompanying you is a wonderful soundtrack that really adds to the calming atmosphere. Also, the usage of sounds and songs as a way of communicating is a unique concept. However, the ways in which this mechanic is used becomes repetitive quickly.

Here’s what I didn’t like about Fe. Indie games can sometimes be a bit, let’s say artsy. I’m usually fine with it, I’ve played some stunning Indie games that some may not enjoy for that exact reason. Unfortunately, Fe is far too focused on being some kind of high end art piece. It completely forgets to tell a coherent story. To call it convoluted feels like a major understatement. I sincerely have no idea what it was about at all.

Also, while the vocal sounds are initially endearing they will be grating on your ear drums by the end. Fe doesn’t overstay its welcome unless you intend on getting all of the collectables which are tacked on to say the least. Going for them highlights the shortcomings of the platforming in the game and how annoyingly difficult it can be to navigate the landscape. Although, for the most part controlling Fe isn’t too bad. In fact, I’d compare it heavily to Spyro the Dragon.

Overall, if I ever think back about my time playing Fe, I know I’ll think about the pretty visuals and soundtrack. However, what I won’t want to remember is its repetitive gameplay, mechanics and strange story.

  • The Final Score - 5.5/10
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