EP Review: Protosequence – Biophagous (Self Released)

Tech prog death metallers Protosequence return with their new EP, Biophagous which is due out August 18th 2017 to follow their 2016 debut album, Schizophrene.

Protosequence 1

In the vein of bands like All Shall Perish & Born of Osiris, Protosequence kick proceedings off with the furiously tech riffing of Parasitic, a wild & untamed slab of death metal. That is until a surprising tempo change that brings in some keyboards & more classic metal sounding guitar solo. It’s a damn strong start, one that leaves you wondering just what more Biophagous has to offer.

A furiously heavy & complex DFL followed by Shepard, an intense piece of death metal aggression & melody, keeps the EP chugging along nicely. Protosequence are masters of combining seriously aggressive metal with uplifting melody & technically proficient riffs & hooks.

The Hate Subsides showcases this technicality to the highest levels. It’s wonderfully complex but not so much that it starts to sound messy. If there is one fault with the EP it’s that the guttural & throaty vocal roars could have been cut & pasted from a hundred other death metal bands.

It’s a minor complaint though as they fit the slamming riffs & hooks perfectly! A great EP.

Protosequence 2

Protosequence – Biophagous Full Track Listing:

1. Parasitic
2. DFL
3. Shepard
4. The Hate Subsides

Head over to Bandcamp where you can order the EP now & check out Schizophrene through Apple Music below as well as most other major streaming services. Give the band a like over on Facebook, follow them on Twitter & Instagram also!

Protosequence - Biophagous (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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