Horror Movie Review: Species III (2004)

Well, it’s time for things to really go downhill…you can read our reviews of the first Species film here & the second here.

Continuing on from the events of the second movie, we see the driver of the ambulance that is carting away the body of Eve (Natasha Henstridge) hold his colleague up at gun point. Eve comes back to life briefly to give birth to an alien before she is killed by the half-breed child who was hiding in the van.

Species III 2

The driver escapes with the new born alien & the government has Eve’s body destroyed once & for all. It’s worth noting that Henstridge was contracted for three movies & clearly wanted out at this stage. After watching Species III…who can blame her?

The driver who took the alien baby is actually a professor who teaches Biochemistry & sets about raising it. Dr Abbot (Robert Knepper) cares for Sara who has becoming a young girl in a matter of months. After being visited by the now adult half-breed who killed Eve one night, Abbot learns that the half-breeds are suffering from a deadly illness that will wipe them all out.

Species III 4

Wanting to save them from extinction, Abbot goes to one of his students for help. Dean (Robin Dunne) agrees on the promise of future funding for his own projects but the pair run into a few problems. Firstly, Sara is now a grown woman (played by Sunny Mabrey) & she wants to mate. Secondly, Dean is beginning to fall in love with her which in turn makes Abbot jealous. Thirdly, the government have realised Eve was pregnant & are now trying to find her offspring, Sara.

Species III 5

All of these issues combine to make a boring & stupid story with below average acting, horrible effects & way too much nudity.

Species III 3

Whereas the first two movies in the series were at least watchable, Species III has barely anything going for it. Attempting to replicate the original story but with a slight new spin on it doesn’t work as the characters are terribly bland.

They movie can’t even make up for it’s bad plot with decent deaths or gore. We’ve seen it all before but with more imagination & far better effects. However perhaps the worst decision of all was to change the look of the original alien species. Bear in mind that the aliens were designed by the legendary H.R. Giger & the people involved here thought, nah, we can do better. Unbelievable.

Species III 6

Don’t bother.

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Species III
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