EP Review: From the Hellmouth/Mutilatred – Split (Redefining Darkness Records/Seeing Red Records)

Both hailing from Ohio, Cleveland’s From The Hellmouth and Toledo’s Mutilatred have teamed up to release this crushing split EP via Redefining Darkness Records & Seeing Red Records.

Split 2

Eight tracks long, From the Hellmouth get things started strongly with three tracks of intense & brutal death metal. The wall of throbbing noise that assaults you from the moment Cast into the Sea begins is enough to knock you down. It’s unbridled fury is nearly un-containable & while it isn’t exactly original sounding, it more than makes up for that with blasting beats & memorable hooks.

The up-tempo rhythmic pace & intense drumming of The Wolves Must Be Fed followed by the grinding anger of Campaign of Lies ensures you’re going to remember From the Hellmouth.

Split 3

Offering five songs, Mutilatred have a tough task matching, let alone bettering, what From the Hellmouth spat out. Crippled by Prescription, Part of the Decay, Split From Inside & Prescribed Death are short, grinding deathcore tunes that will leave you feeling exhausted from the pure disgust that is spewed at you.

The deepest guttural vocals, the most skin-flaying riffs…Mutilatred are here to rip you apart with a modern but recognisable style of grindcore.

After the brutality of those four songs it really does come as quite a surprise to see While it Floods clock in at over eight minutes. Eight minutes of dark tones & haunting noises. It reminds of the game, Silent Hill. Opening with the unsettling tones of a piano. It pushes hard to make you as uncomfortable as possible with the ambient sounds of hell.

An unusual finish to a good split EP. From two bands with bright futures ahead of them within the extreme metal world.

Split 1

From the Hellmouth/Mutilatred – Split Full Track Listing:

  1. Cast Into the Sea (From the Hellmouth)
  2. The Wolves Must be Fed (From the Hellmouth)
  3. Campaign of Lies (From the Hellmouth)
  4. Crippled by Prescription (Mutilatred)
  5. Part of the Decay (Mutilatred)
  6. Split from Inside (Mutilatred))
  7. Prescribed Death (Mutilatred)
  8. While it Floods (Mutilatred)

You can pick up the EP from Redefining Darkness Records Bandcamp. You can also pick up From the Hellmouth’s music from their Bandcamp & Mutilatred’s music from their Bandcamp. Find out more about From the Hellmouth on Facebook & YouTube. Find out more about Mutilatred on their Facebook Page.

From the Hellmouth/Mutilatred – Split (Redefining Darkness Records)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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