Album Review: Airforce – Strike Hard (Pitch Black Records)

UK old-school rockers Airforce have joined forces with Pitch Black Records for the release of the band’s new album, their second full-length since reforming in 2016. The new studio album “Strike Hard” is set for release on September 4th 2020 on CD and Digital.

For those about to rock, Airforce have you covered with their brand-new album, Strike Hard. A bit of a throwback to the classic days of heavy metal. Notable from the off with the groovy riffs and Bruce Dickenson/Rob Halford-esqe vocals of Fight.

You can smell the sweat and leather of Die For You, the groovier pace that little hotter whereas Son of the Damned is a little more sleazy sounding at first before picking the energy up a bit more. Both are riff highlights in their own right too.

Although enough can’t be said about the glorious vocals, something that takes Airforce’s sound to an even grander height. It’s the vocals that move The Reaper out of the doldrums (just a bit bland) and gives Finest Hour a much richer sound.

A wicked guitar solo in Don’t Look In Her Eyes is a major selling point but it’s hard to get too excited about the following I Feel Your Pain. A track that lacks bite and feels a bit samey. Whereas the slow groovy drawl of War Games brings things right back up.

In the twilight part of the record, Band of Brothers is a personal favourite as the rhythm digs down deep, the riffs really excel and the vocals are so on point. Before the digital version wraps up with The War Inside, a solid if unexciting finish. The real final highlight coming with the CD bonus track, Faith Healer.

A hit and miss album. When it hits, it’s a glorious throwback to the heady days of heavy metal at its strongest.

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Airforce – Strike Hard Full Track Listing:

1. Fight
2. Die for You
3. Son of the Damned
4. The Reaper
5. Finest Hour
6. Don’t Look in Her Eyes
7. I Feel Your Pain
8. War Games
9. Band of Brothers
10. The War Inside
11. Faith Healer (CD bonus)


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Airforce - Strike Hard (Pitch Black Records)
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