EP Review: Ergodic – Ergodic (Self Released)

Technical Death Metal quintet Ergodic will release its self-titled debut EP on March 9th 2020. The forthcoming 3-song beast is a decimating blast of tech-death, one filled with tasty neoclassical riffs and blistering solos, and featuring lyrical content about celebrity idolatry, addiction, and insanity. What more could you possibly want?

With malevolent and disdainful intentions, Ergodic deliver a sweltering hotbed of technical death metal with their debut EP. From the very moment it begins (Exalted Ignorance(s)), the strength of the riffs and drums bend and twist with uninhibited life.

A dominating listen, the underlying anger is skilfully filtered to allow Ergodic to fashion weapons of barbarity (Veil of Dementia). All while staying calm, collected and in control. It’s tech-death of the most savage kind but incredibly listenable. By time the end has come (Lashed to Control), it’s clear the future is bright for Ergodic.

Ergodic – Ergodic Full Track Listing:

1. Exalted Ignorance(s)
2. Veil of Dementia
3. Lashed to Control




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Ergodic - Ergodic (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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