Album Review: Cynicism – Limb Hymns (Self Released)

Cynicism is a DIY gore metal worshiping deathgrind band from Boston (USA) releasing their debut album Limb Hymns on the 3rd of July 2020.



The vomit and bile that comes pouring out of Cynicism on their debut album is chokingly thick and as rancid as a week-old corpse that has been in the sun. Limb Hymns a collection of ear ripping, flesh tearing and eye-gouging noise that will put an absurdly big smile on the face of those who enjoy sonic suffering.

It’s chaotic. Of course it is but Cynicism do a damn fine job of making it so much more enjoyable. It’ll burn as it goes down but it will fill the hunger and desire many have for unfiltered horror.

This sort of manic intensity and demanding savagery isn’t for everyone. That much is clear from the combination of death and grind but for those that have the craving, Cynicism absolutely deliver on the gory promise.

Cynicism – Limb Hymns Full Track Listing:

1. Thought Crimes
2. Gore Torn
3. World of Filth
4. Regurgitate
5. The Daily Grind
6. Kill It to Skillet
7. Organized
8. Abra Cadaver
9. Formaldicide


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Cynicism – Limb Hymns (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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