EP Review: Crejuvent – Time (Self Released)

Time is the debut release from Crejuvent, a heavy metal solo project. The EP was released on July 1st 2017. We interviewed Crejuvent & you can check that out here.

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Aiming to appeal to the technical death metal/extreme metal crowd, Time is  five tracks of raw noise & with titles like Fuck This Shit & Word Vomit the style shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The former is a short & abusive sounding piece while the latter showcases a more technical edge built around some catchy rhythm. The unique experience of the EP is really highlighted here with a mix of straight-forward riffs, guttural vocals, high pitched singing & flashes of guitar wizardry.

Elsewhere Code Orange & Malicious Clouds modern take on technical metal go far to convince you of the EP’s quality. Thumpingly heavy tracks but with a level of proficiency that is a bit unexpected considering the one-man nature of the band.

The title track is the most impressive track of the EP though. A classic death metal groove but with a nice touch of melodic extreme thrown in to give it much more impact.

Crejuvent 1

Crejuvent – Time Full Track Listing:

1. Fuck This Shit
2. Code Orange
3. Malicious Clouds
4. Time
5. Word Vomit

You can pick up the Time EP & the earlier Party Demos on Bandcamp. You can find out more via Facebook & check out some videos on YouTube!

Crejuvent - Time (Self Released)
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