EP Review: Duskwood – The Long Dark (Self Released)

Duskwood are a 4 piece Desert Rock/Stoner band from Yeovil, Somerset (UK). They have just completed work on their most recent 4-track, titled ‘The Long Dark’, with Chris Fielding (Conan) at Skyhammer Studios.

Their initial plan is to create a series of 3 connected EPs over the next year, then possibly release them as one vinyl LP. There is a running theme through the EPs, telling a story of a Space Cowboy who travels alone through space and time, observing and documenting large planets, lifeforms and structures.

The Long Dark will be released on 20th April 2019.

Duskwood 2

Selling the concept almost immediately, Space Craft’s effects and soothing melody sounds other-worldly. It does conjure up an image of travelling through the cosmos and seeing unimaginable things. Slipping from eerie vocals and bassy echos to fuzzed out heavier rock riffing and powerful percussion with ease, it’s an ear-pleasing start. One that will resonate with desert/stoner rock fans.

Mars Rover has a little more urgency to it and throws in some of the EP’s strongest riffs as well as a short but decent solo. The highlight comes at the end where the combo of fuzzy guitars and drums sound out a hell of a beat.

The penultimate track, Crook & Flail is both super-mellow and super-spacey. A track that really shows off the psychedelic edge Duskwood have. The injections of heavier stoner rock shape nicely around the chilled out vibe. Before Nomad wanders in for a lengthy 8-minute ramble about all the things it has seen while travelling the universe. It’s impossible to not give it your undivided attention as it delivers a groovy, rocking track.

Combining the familiar fuzzy sounds of desert/stoner rock with spacey/sci-fi elements has resulted in a really memorable listen. It ensures Duskwood stand out from the pack and makes The Long Dark an EP not to be missed.

Duskwood 1

Duskwood – The Long Dark Full Track Listing:

1. Space Craft
2. Mars Rover
3. Crook & Flail
4. Nomad

Duskwood’s music can be picked up via Bandcamp and streaming services. Find out more by checking out their website, Facebook Page, Twitter and YouTube Channel.


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Duskwood - The Long Dark (Self Released)
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